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Comfortable bags

These summer holidays if you have not yet traveled to the sea or outside your home, you can also take creative activities like sewing. You will become a proud owner of the original bag that nobody has, and you will be able to complete the time.

For this task, you will need a fabric (we recommend a hard cloth, although it can be used even in thinners) of double width, about 50 centimeters in size (depending on the dimensions of the case), scissors, needle and thread and handles for handles (but you can put them together from the fabric). Fold the fabric and mark the desired size (be sure to add a few centimeters to the seams). If you do not have a sewing machine, you can manually sew it with a tiny stitch that does not break the seams. Inside the bag you can also make a small pocket for a cell phone or a small piece of bits – just imagination is your limit. Once you make the ‘body’ of the bag or connect the parts to the sides and the bottom, sew the handles – they can be of the same or other material, depending on your desires and taste. In specialized stores, you can also purchase special thick strips that are provided for handles


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Steps to the perfect bags

Cut out the material tape and use the dimensions of the laptop. Cover the laptop, and install the material as you would like to look for the bag, then cut it. Place the belt on which the holes are located, fold it, and then use the button to extend the first and fourth holes to make the loop for the handle. Begin by stretching the edges of the material with the seam up the length of the upper part of the pouch. Beware of the shape and the material line. Upon completion of the upper part, gently lower the part with the belt on the lower part, and then continue with the sewing. When you expand all the edges, cut off excess straps. Then, slip the strap backwards with a suture. This way you will get a crossed seam, which will look great on your bag, and it will also strengthen it. Finally, screw the button in the middle of the “cover” of the bag. You can decorate the bag further on your wish.